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Rodolfo Dirzo

My research is simply part of the research that most lab members are conducting. In addition to that, I conduct some projects in which students from Stanford –and from other universities– participate. I also conduct research in collaboration with other colleagues from a variety of institutions—nationally and internationally, including the following:

Patterns of herbivory in plants from continuous and fragmented forest at Los Tuxtlas research station. Collaborators: Betsabe Ruiz, Roger Guevara, Armando Aguirre

Herbivory-driven induction of chemical and physical defenses: epigenetic consequences across multiple generations in wild radish. Collaborators: Mar Sobral, Isabelle Neylan

Impact of mammalian herbivory and trampling on understory plant communities from Mexican rainforests of contrasting levels of defaunation: Montes Azules and Los Tuxtlas. Collaborator: Eduardo Mendoza

Effects of logging on mammalian communities from Maya forests in the Yucatan Peninsula. Collaborator: Gabriel Gutierrez-Granados

Effects of defaunation on plant community structure and ecosystem processes and services in tropical ecosystems . Collaborators: Hillary Young, Douglas McCauley

Ecological and biodiversity consequences of oil palm plantations in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica—The Intitative Osa-Golfito (INOGO). Collaborator: William Durham

Plant species richness in tropical forests of Mexico: Analyses at the scale of 0.1 ha. Collaborators: Juan Carlos Lopez, Armando Aguirre

Effects of mammalian herbivory on oak regeneration in California woodlands. Collaborator: Roger Guevara

Effects of rat eradication on antive and coconut-invaded forest in the Palmyra atoll. Collaborators: Hillary Young, Douglas McCauley

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UAEM grants honorary doctorate to Rodolfo Dirzo

News by on March 13, 2015
The University Council of the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos (UAEM) conferred the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa to Rodolfo Dirzo Minjarez for his contributions to Mexican society in the areas of ecology, biology, botany and scientific research. At the inauguration ceremony, the rector Alejandro Vera Jimenez encouraged young students to follow in… Read more