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Our lab is interested in recruiting motivated students into our group. Our main focus of interests are:

  1. Species interactions (broadly speaking)
  2. Anthropogenic impact on ecological interactions and
  3. Biodiversity science.

Eco-geographically speaking, our areas of interest are largely (but not exclusively) located in biologically-rich regions, that is, tropical ecosystems of different types (ranging from seasonally dry to wet forests). More recently, we have expanded our interests to the conservation of bio-cultural diversity—the intertwined area of traditional ecological knowledge of biodiversity, including the eco/evo study of wild relatives of crops.

Some of the field stations where we work:


In addition to research, our lab welcomes students interested in science education and outreach beyond the university setting.


Undergraduate students


Our lab includes and welcomes undergraduate students interested in participating in the lab’s research and education efforts. The Biology Department and Stanford in general provide multiple sources of support to interested students, particularly over the summer.


Graduate students


We typically consider accepting one student annually, to start in fall quarter (September). Our philosophy is to provide ample flexibility to accommodate the students’ own interests. In some cases, students might prefer to identify a ramification of one of our ongoing projects, in other cases (the predominant situation), students develop their own interests and choose an independent research topic, invariably within the main areas of our three broad, collective interests indicated above. Typically, the students take the leadership in their independent projects and I serve as a collaborator to them.

For more information on application process please visit these Stanfod sites:


Post-doctoral fellows


Postdocs with their own support, or interested in developing proposals for research in our lab are welcome to consider our lab as an academic home. For more information please visit:


For international students, postdocs and visiting scholars please visit:

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested