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Beth M. L. Morrison

Graduate student
I am broadly interested in how species interactions play a role in the maintenance of biodiversity and how they are influenced by anthropogenic drivers. To that end, I am currently assessing the impacts of deforestation on plant-hummingbird interactions in Coto Brus, Costa Rica. I hope to further our understanding of how interaction networks assemble in… Read more
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Itzel Arias Del Razo

Former member (Postdoctoral researcher)
My research focuses on assessing the direct and indirect implications of predation and its impact on the environment. This approach allows me to better understand the role that biotic interactions play in the maintenance and functioning of ecosystems. I am particularly interested in assessing the impact of human activities (climate change, land use, and defaunation)… Read more
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Jessica Martin

Graduate Student
I am interested in the ecology of parasites, both ectoparasites (such as fleas) and pathogens. I conduct my fieldwork at a long-term study site near Portal, Arizona, where I am studying the effects of a keystone genus (kangaroo rats) on the prevalence of ectoparasites and pathogens in a desert rodent community. I am also collaborating… Read more
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Pamela Hung

Administrative Assistant
Work phone: (650) 736-8005 Fax: (650) 724-4980 Work Address: Gilbert Building Room 316 Stanford, California 94305-5020
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Rafael Acosta

Site Developer
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Rodolfo Dirzo

Principal Investigator
My research is simply part of the research that most lab members are conducting. In addition to that, I conduct some projects in which students from Stanford –and from other universities– participate. I also conduct research in collaboration with other colleagues from a variety of institutions—nationally and internationally, including the following: Patterns of herbivory in… Read more
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Tyler McFadden

Graduate Student
I am interested in wildlife ecology, species interactions, and biodiversity conservation in managed forests. My dissertation research focuses on the ecology and conservation of keystone species interactions in the temperate rainforests of southern Chile. The rapid expansion of exotic timber plantations in this region during the last four decades has prompted concerns about their impacts… Read more

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