Reconnecting People + Nature in the Anthropocene (YouTube videos)

Revisit a remarkable past seminar series “Reconnecting People + Nature in the Anthropocene”, sponsored by the Global Studies Division (Global Research Workshops).

  • Part I: A virtual seminar on the contributions of biodiversity to global food security, featuring José Sarukhán (UNAM), Zach Koehn (Stanford), Ivette Perfecto (UMich), Liz Carlisle (UCSB), Rodolfo Dirzo (Stanford) and Paul R. Ehrlich (Stanford).
  • Part II: A virtual seminar on the confluence of art and nature (how does art shape and reflect our perception of the natural world?), featuring Adam Brumm (Griffith), Jessica Sarah Rinland (UCL/Harvard/EQZE), Callie Chappell (Stanford), Iris Montero Sobrevilla (Brown) and Rodolfo Dirzo (Stanford).
  •  Part III: A virtual seminar on wildlife trade,  featuring Ivonne Higuero (CITES), Wen Zhou (Yale), João Vitor Campos-Silva (Juruá Institute) and Rodolfo Dirzo (Stanford).