Beth M. L. Morrison

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Beth M. L. Morrison

I am broadly interested in how species interactions play a role in the maintenance of biodiversity and how they are influenced by anthropogenic drivers. To that end, I am currently assessing the impacts of deforestation on plant-hummingbird interactions in Coto Brus, Costa Rica. I hope to further our understanding of how interaction networks assemble in order to inform restoration, conservation and agrienvironment schemes that effectively enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services in human-dominated landscapes

Posts by Beth M. L. Morrison

The effects of deforestation on a tropical mutualistic interaction network

Research by on March 11, 2016
I have been investigating the effects of gradual habitat change on mutualistic interaction networks using plant-hummingbird interaction data from along a deforestation gradient in a Costa Rican coffee plantation landscape. I am studying changes in the structure of the entire network as well as changes in the feeding behavior of individual hummingbird species. I hope… Read more

T.A. Teaching by Beth M. L. Morrison

Teaching by on June 10, 2015
TA for BIO 44Y – Core Plant Biology and Eco Evo Laboratory TA for BIO 144 – Conservation Biology: A Latin American Perspective Co-director for Stanford Biology Biocore Explorations Instructor of Biocore Explorations: California Native Plants and Redwood Forest Natural┬áHistory TA for BIO 44Y – Core Plant Biology and Eco Evo Laboratory Spring 2015 Instructors:… Read more