Itzel Arias Del Razo

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Itzel Arias Del Razo

My research focuses on assessing the direct and indirect implications of predation and its impact on the environment. This approach allows me to better understand the role that biotic interactions play in the maintenance and functioning of ecosystems. I am particularly interested in assessing the impact of human activities (climate change, land use, and defaunation) on multitrophic interactions and their possible implications for the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. My research also generates models to predict the potential distribution of species, develops strategies for the management, conservation, and sustainable use of wildlife, and assesses the implications of reintroducing megafauna.

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Itzel weighing samples for stable isotope analysis

100 years of changes: Isotopic tracking of diet breath and trophic position of apex predators in East Africa

Research by on October 10, 2015
The aim of the project is to assess the impact of human disturbance, mainly defaunation and land-use change (agriculture and livestock), on the diet, trophic position, and movement patterns of six African carnivores. Human landscape transformation is considered to be the greatest global threat to biodiversity. In recent decades agricultural and pastoral activities in the Eastern African countries of Kenya… Read more