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John Schroeder

My research focuses on ecological genomics and processes related to diversity maintenance in tropical forests. Specifically, I am interested in conspecific negative density dependence (CNDD), and how this process influences local relative abundance of tropical tree species. Fungi are recognized as important drivers of CNDD, but the fungal communities associating with tropical trees remain poorly understood. I am conducting experiments using metabarcoding approaches to identify components of root associated fungal communities associated with CNDD strength.
I am also pursuing a project that utilizes pooled whole genome sequencing to identify genes associated with flight metabolic rate (FMR) in Edith’s Checkerspot butterfly. In a related species, genes associated with FMR have been shown to be important in driving metapopulation dynamics. Understanding these genes may facilitate successful reintroductions of endangered subspecies of Edith’s Checkerspot.

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Collecting root tip samples

Investigating drivers of plant-soil feedback strength in tropical tree species

Research by on March 3, 2016
Tropical rainforests support the highest plant diversity in the world. Most of this diversity is comprised of exceedingly rare and seemingly similar tree species. Explaining the mechanisms allowing the coexistence of so many types of trees has therefore been a central focus of ecology for decades. An increasing body of research shows that conspecific negative… Read more Investigating drivers of plant-soil feedback strength in tropical tree species