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I am broadly interested in biodiversity, plant communication and ecological networks. Exploring how life's complexity is maintained and the role of networks in ecological systems have been recurrent aims of my studies.

In particular, my core research is centred around cause-and-effect of networks of interactions including plants, their neighbours and their mutualistic and antagonistic partners in real-world ecosystems. To answer to these questions, whenever possible, I integrate observations, models and experiments.

My current research focuses on the impact of global change– deforestation, overgrazing, and biodiversity loss– on biotic interactions and the role of plant communication in ecological communities.

In my free time, I like climbing, ski-mountaneering and hiking. I hope my research output helps society to better manage ecosystems and to design novel solutions for sustainable schemes.

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NOT all species are equal before global warming

News by on January 29, 2021
Our new study indicates that plant diversity initially increases with glacier retreat, but ultimately decreases once glaciers disappear. In other words, glacier retreat favors certain plants, but many species (22% of those analysed) may locally disappear or even go extinct once glaciers are gone. Interesting enough, plant facilitation prevails among pioneer species, whereas competition is more… Read more NOT all species are equal before global warming
Common yarrow in Tuolomne meadow

Revisiting local adaptation to climate change 90 years after

Research by on September 7, 2020
The California Sierra Nevada is legendary for its biodiversity and cultural and scientific heritage. However, ongoing climate change poses serious threats to the conservation and sustainability of these environments. This research project involves revisiting the famous studies of local adaptation initiated by Dr. H. M. Hall in the 1920’s and continued by California botanists Jens C.… Read more
Panama forest

Combined effects of deforestation and biodiversity loss on species coexistence and ecosystem functioning

Research by on September 4, 2020
Human activities are profoundly impacting life on Earth and increasingly threatening the functioning of ecosystems, with severe consequences for human well-being. In particular, recent experimental studies have shown that deforestation and biodiversity loss are disrupting key ecosystem functions on which we rely. Yet, we have a limited understanding of the mechanisms underlying the impact of… Read more Combined effects of deforestation and biodiversity loss on species coexistence and ecosystem functioning