Benjamin T. Wilder

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Benjamin T. Wilder

My research is broadly focused in desert ecology and botany. I utilize multiple approaches and time scales to establish baselines to better understand modern biodiversity and connect science to conservation. I increasingly value the incorporation of diverse perspectives and the powerful results made possible via collaboration. In my role as director of the Next Generation Sonoran Desert Researchers (N-Gen) I strive to create opportunities for collaboration across borders and disciplines and a more holistic understanding and appreciation for the Sonoran Desert.
Director of Next Generation Sonoran Desert Researchers

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Course with Rodolfo

Knowledge Transfer in Northwestern Mexico: Conservation Ecology Courses to Create Local Leaders Among the Comcaac

Research by on March 2, 2016
There is widespread interest and action in the conservation of unique cultural and biological diversity. However, these actions largely lack local leadership and expertise, and learning opportunities for indigenous students are few. This is true for the Comcaac (Seri people), an indigenous culture that lived off the bounty of the desert and sea of the… Read more