Tyler McFadden

PhD Student (2016-2021)

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I am interested in how ecological communities respond to global environmental change, and through my research I seek to identify concrete solutions for conserving biodiversity in human-dominated landscapes. In my dissertation research, I use a combination of field surveys, radio-telemetry, and network modeling to inform bird and plant-pollinator community conservation within Chilean timber plantations. Recently I have also started analyzing long-term bird population trends in California, drawing on 30 years of survey data collected at the Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve. I am passionate about environmental education at all levels and co-teach an undergraduate Ornithology class (BIO 121/221) and co-direct an afterschool outdoor education program for high school English Language Learners (www.meroscience.org).



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Dirzo Lab Meeting, July 31, 10am on Friday Pacific time (US and Canada)

News by on July 30, 2020
This Friday Rodolfo will be telling us about his new project in Mexico, in a presentation titled “A program to monitor biodiversity and its significance for disease regulation across major ecosystems in Mexico“