Janzen-Connell at 50: Where are we? – An ATBC Panel Discussion

During 2021 ATBC Annual Meeting, Rodolfo co-led with Prof. Liza Comita a panel to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Janzen-Connell hypothesis, which continues to be crucial to explain tropical forest diversity.

The video of this fruitful, exciting and heartwarming Panel is now available at www.atbc2021.org/plenary-janzen-connell-hypothesis

Janzen-Connell at 50: Where are we?  – An ATBC Panel Discussion 

The exuberant physiognomy of tropical forests is largely imparted by the astonishing diversity of their predominant life form—trees. What maintains such tree diversity? Numerous ideas and hypotheses have been proposed to examine and explain that question, but none of them has been as influential, stimulating and productive as the now commonly known Janzen-Connell Hypothesis (JCH). Fifty years after the publication of the landmark papers by Dan Janzen and Joe Connell, this idea is still very much relevant, and important for us to reflect on where we are in our understanding of this fundamental question, and the role JCH has played in it. In this panel, three prominent ecologists, Lizzy Coley, John Terborgh and Dan Janzen himself will present their perspectives on the significance, remaining knowledge lacunae, and future avenues in the study of the maintenance of tropical forests in the context of JCH. Hopefully, the legacy of JCH will not only continue to fuel our collective aspiration to understand tropical biodiversity but will also help us reflect and act on the urgency of its conservation given the challenges of the Anthropocene.